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Undergraduate Studies: Major

Declaring a Major

To be accepted into the Asian Studies major program, a student must:

1. Fill out application and degree track planner.
2. Meet with the Asian Studies undergraduate adviser

AST Major Application
AST Major Planner

Major Requirements

The major in Asian studies offers (1) strong training in at least one Asian language, (2) knowledge of the histories and cultures of the societies in which that language is used, (3) sense of how academic disciplines contribute to interdisciplinary study, and (4) knowledge of Asia beyond the primary language and civilization focused on in (1) and (2) above. The requirements for the major are derived from these objectives.

Course Requirements

1. Asia 350 What is Asia? (4 credits)

2. Asian History (8 credits) upper-division level, beginning with “HIST” prefix, in the chosen sub-region (China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Asia) if available

3. Regional Focus (16 credits) 4 courses in the chosen sub-region when available; may include up to 15 credits of upper-division Asian language courses related to the chosen sub-region. Two courses must be in Humanities; two courses must be in Social Science.

4. Discipline/Thematic Focus (12 credits) Three courses in one discipline or theme, for example: political science, literature, film, food, pop culture, and more.

5. Regional Breadth (4 credits) One course in Asian Studies but not in the chosen sub-region; may include lower-division language courses of a second Asian language

6. Language Requirement – 2 years of a language related to the chosen sub-region. Please contact the Asian Studies Undergraduate Advisor if you have questions about what specific Asian languages are accepted for the major.

Students must complete 48 credits as specified above. Up to 8 of these credits may be taken pass/no pass. All other courses used to satisfy major requirements must be taken for letter grades and passed with grades of C- or better. To ensure interdisciplinary breadth, students must complete at least two Asia-focused courses in A) History, B) other Social Sciences and C) Humanities. 40 of the 48 credits must be chosen at the 300-level or above. Students should consult their advisers in planning programs of study.

The major is designed to give students the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of disciplines while focusing on a specific sub-region of Asia. The Asian Studies Program currently offers students the option of focusing on one of the following regions:

China – China Focus Courses
Japan – Japan Focus Courses
Korea – Korea Focus Courses
South Asia – South Asia Focus Courses
Southeast Asia – Southeast Asian Focus Courses

Current Courses