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Undergraduate Studies: Minor

Students are required to fill out an application form when applying for a minor. A track planner should be filled out with the help of an adviser.

Minor Application

Minor Requirements

Students should consult with the Asian studies director to determine whether a course has a full or partial focus on East Asia, Southeast Asia, or South Asia. A list of pre-approved courses for each minor is available in the Asian studies office. Students should acquaint themselves with course availability and experimental courses offered each term and may pursue directed readings with East Asian, Southeast Asian or South Asian specialists. First- and second- year language courses cannot be used to satisfy requirements for each minor.

East Asian Studies
Students who want a minor in East Asian Studies must complete 24 credits distributed as follows:

  1. 20 credits in courses that focus entirely on East Asia, drawn from at least two departments
  2. 4 credits of What Is Asia: Theoretical Debates (ASIA 350)
  3. Two years of study in a relevant Asian language (Japanese, Chinese, or Korean) or its equivalent level of proficiency

At least 12 of the 24 credits must by upper division.

East Asia Track Planner
East Asian Courses

Southeast Asian Studies

  1. 20 credits in courses that focus entirely on Southeast Asia.  At least 12 credits must be upper division
  2. 4 credits in courses that have a partial focus in Southeast  Asia

Southeast Asia Track Planner
Southeast Asian Courses

South Asian Studies
Students who want a minor in South Asian studies must complete 24 credits in consultation with one of the South Asia faculty members, distributed as follows:

  1. 4 credits in courses on the history of South Asia
  2. 4 additional credits of South Asian history, religion, or philosophy
  3. 4 credits in courses on contemporary South Asian issues
  4. 4 credits in courses on South Asian media or culture
  5. 8 additional credits (full or partial South Asia focus)

At least 12 of the 24 credits must be upper division.

In addition, students must either demonstrate first-year proficiency in any South Asian vernacular language or complete a ten-week term of study or internship in South Asia, under the supervision of a member of the UO South Asia faculty.

South Asia Track Planner
South Asia Courses