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Asian Studies Course Descriptions

Course Title Description
ASIA 111 Great Books on Modern Asia Students learn about Asia and how knowledge about Asia is produced by reading and discussing four great books written by different authors in various writing genres and perspectives.
ASIA 350 What is Asia? An interdisciplinary seminar designed to introduce students to current theoretical debates about Asia, modernization, and area studies.
ASIA 425/525 Asian Foodways Explores socio-cultural, political-economic and historical dimensions of food in China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and India, including modernization, transnationalism, globalization. Offered alternate years.
ASIA 480/580 Chinese Economy: Transition, Development, Globalization A comprehensive introduction to the Chinese economy: market transition; macroeconomic conditions and policies; key sectors such as industry, banking, finance, energy, export, technology, agriculture; globalization. Offered alternate years.
ASIA 611 Perspectives on Asian Studies Explores the diverse perspectives that define Asian studies. Samples conflicts, controversies, and areas of consensus that characterize the field.
ASIA 612 Theory and Methodology in Asian Studies Selected Asian studies issues. Repeatable once when topic changes for maximum of 6 credits.