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Asian Studies Courses Winter 2018


HIST 186 Cultures of India (Valiani A)
HIST 191 China Past & Present (Asim I)
HIST 396 Samurai in Film (Goble A)
HIST 399 Sp St Pacific War (Hanes)
HIST 400/500 M Chinese Cities (Asim I)
HIST 407/507 Sem Maritime East Asia (Goble A)
HIST 498/598 Top Medieval Japan (Goble A)
HIST 608 Coll N Pacific History (Jones, R.)

KRN 361 Krn Pop Cul & Transnat (Kim D)
KRN 412 4th Year Korean
KRN 512 4th Year Korean

JPN 412 4th Yr Spoken Japanese
JPN 415 4th Yr Read/Writing Japan (Furikado-Koranda Y)
JPN 435 Adv Readings Japan Literature
JPN 471 Japanese Cinema

EALL 440/ 540 Japanese & Korean Phon (Idemaru K)
EALL 443/543 Chn/Jpn/Krn Pedagogy (Falsfraf C)

GEOG 342 Geog of Globalization (Buck D)

Art History
ARH 399 Sp St Art Death China (Lachman C)
ARH 407/507 Sem Trad Chinese Arch (Silbergeld J)

Honors College
HC 434H Top Art & Film in China (Lin J)

J 467/567 Top Trans Asia Media (Ok H)

Religious Studies
REL 302 Chinese Religions (Habberstad L)
REL 322 History of Christianity (Habberstad L)
REL 353 Dark Self East/West (Unno M)
REL 407/507 Sem Buddhism and Psychotherapy (Unno M)

Political Science
PS 410/510 War & Peace East Asia (Vu T)

ANTH 331 Cultures of South Asia (Karim L)


Asian Studies Courses Fall 2017

These courses have been approved for Asian Studies majors and minors. For times and availability, please see the class schedule.  Please see that department’s listings to see class times.

Art History
ARH 208 History of Chinese Art (Lachman)
ARH 457 Top Global Asia (Lin)

ANTH 310 Top SE Asian Archaeology (TBA)

Asian Studies
ASIA 111 Great Books on Asia (Vu T, Brown L, Buck D, Carpenter K, and Freedman A)

CHN 305 History of Chinese Literature (Habberstad L)
CHN 308 Literature of Modern Taiwan (Groppe A)
CHN 350 Gender & Sexuality Traditional Chinese Literature (Epstein M)
CHN 411 4th Year Chinese (Chen W)
CHN 420 Inter Language Strategies (Wu J)
CHN 436 Literary Chinese (Wang Y)
CHN 445 Top Culture & Wellness (Chen W)

East Asian Languages & Literature
EALL 209 Lang & Soc East Asia (Idemaru K)
EALL 410 Bilingualism (Falsgraf C)
EALL 460 Teaching East Asian Language/Literature (TBA)

Ethnic Studies
ES 252 Intro Asian-American Studies (Luk S)

HIST 190 East Asia Civilization (Goble A)
HIST 215 Food in World History (Hessler J)
HIST 387 Early China (Asim I)
HIST 487 Top Song & Yuan Dynasty (Asim I)
HIST 490 Top Shogun’s Japan (Goble A)

JPN 305 Intro Japanese Literature (DiNitto R)
JPN 410 Culture of Play (Walley T)
JPN 434 Adv Readings Japanese Literature (TBA)

J 467 Top New Media in Asia (Ok H)

KRN 309 Language & Culture Form Korea (Brown L)

Religious Studies
REL 101 World Relig: Asian (Unno M)
REL 444 Medieval Japanese Buddhism (Unno M)