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Asian Studies Courses Spring 2017

These courses have been approved for Asian Studies majors and minors. For times and availability, please see the class schedule.  Please see that department’s listings to see class times.

Art History
ARH 208 History of Chinese Art (Lachman C)
ARH 350 History of Manga (Walley A)
ARH 410/510 Modern Contemporary China (Lin J)
ARH 410/510 Surrealism (Cheng J)
ARH 488/588 Japanese Prints (Walley A)

Asian Studies
ASIA 350 What is Asia: Theoretical Debates (Wang K)

CHN 150 Intro Chinese Narrative (Epstein M)
CHN 307 History of Chinese Literature (Chan R)
CHN 351 Gender/Sex in Modern Chinese Literature (Chan R)
CHN 413/513 Topic 4th Year Chinese (Chen W)
CHN 423/523 Iss Early Chinese Literature (Habberstad L)
CHN 445/545 Topic Business (Chen W)
CHN 481/581 Pedagogical Grammar (Jing-Schmidt Z)

Ethnic Studies
ES 252 Intro to Asian American Studies (Luk S)

ENG 242 Intro to Asian American Literature (Li D)

HIST 191 China Past & Present (Goodman B)
HIST 410/510 Mao & Maoism (Goodman B)
HIST 490/590 Topic Modern Japan (Hanes J)

JPN 307 Intro to Japanese Literature (Walley T)
JPN 315 Intro to Japanese Linguistics (Idemaru K)
JPN 413/513 4th Year Spoken Japanese (TBA)
JPN 416/516 4th Year Reading/Writing Japanese (TBA)
JPN 436/536 Advanced Readings Japanese Literature (TBA)
JPN 455/555 Japanese Business Culture & Language (TBA)
JPN 480/580 Early Modern Comics (Walley T)

KRN 361 Korean Pop Culture & Transnat (Kim D)

Political Science
PS 342 Politics of China (Newfie J)
PS 410/510 War & Peace in East Asia

Religious Studies
REL 303 Japanese Religions (Schroeder J)
REL 410/510 East Asia Death/Afterlife (Habberstad L)

SOC 410/510 Asian-American Experience (Shiao J)

Women and Gender Studies
WGS 407/507 Seminar Asian American Sexual Reproduction (Rhee M)