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Current Students


Anudeep Dewan

anudeepAnudeep earned a Bachelors degree in Development Finance from Kathmandu University, Nepal. She is interested in studying about South Asian migration and diaspora societies. She is working as a Graduate Employee in the Geography Department. Besides Grad School, she engages herself in reading and writing, especially poetry.


Anh Tu Duong


Duong Anh Tu earned his degree in Comparative Culture from the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. He is currently employed as a Graduate Employee in Art History, while earning his MA degree in Asian Studies. His goal is to earn a PhD in either East Asian Languages and Literature or Religious Studies.


Ken Ezaki

ken-ezakiKen graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in Japanese and Spanish. He was born in California and lived there for a year until he moved to Japan for 3 years. After that, he lived in Mexico for nine years, and then he moved to Eugene. Ken Ezaki received a Promising Scholar Award from the University of Oregon Graduate School and Asian Studies for 2016-17.


Veronika Korovianska

veronkia-korovianskaVeronika earned her undergraduate degree in Chinese language and literature in Dnipropetrovsk National University in Ukraine. She has spent a year at the University of Washington as an exchange student, and later a year in the Northwest University in Xi’an, China as a recipient of the Confucius Institute scholarship. Veronika is earning her M.A. in Asian Studies, and works as a Graduate Employee in Art History.



Yichen (Erik) Tan

Yichen Tan (Erik) earned a Bachelors degree in Japanese Language and Literature in East China Normal University, China, and a MA in Contemporary Chinese Literature (cinema) in ECNU too. He is interested in studying East Asian cinema and visual culture, especially in China, Japan and Taiwan. He also spent one year study Taiwanese cinema and culture in National Central University, Taiwan. His goal is to earn a PhD in either East Asian Languages and Literature or Comparative Literature.



Nakota DiFonzo

Nakota DiFonzo earned his undergraduate degree in history at the University of Oregon. Nakota is currently earn his M.A. in Asian Studies, with a focus on Late Imperial Chinese history. His current research interests involve studying culture, society, gender, and trade in the Ming Dynasty. Nakota is also a FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) recipient 2017-2018.