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Undergraduate Studies

The Asian Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary major in Asian Studies where students can focus on Japan, China, Korea, or, with outside language study, a special interdisciplinary major in Southeast Asian or South Asian Studies. Students may enhance majors in other departments with a minor in East Asian Studies, South Asian Studies or Southeast Asian Studies.

Students who major in Asian Studies often complement their course work with a year or more of residence in Asia. Many students double major to combine a profession with their area of expertise. Job possibilities are increasing in such fields as business, journalism, government and education. Many students go on to do graduate studies.

The curriculum includes courses in: anthropology; art history; Chinese language and literature; dance; film; geography; history; international studies; Japanese language and literature; linguistics; Korean language and culture; political science; South Asian culture; and religious studies. The program is administered by the Asian studies committee, which is composed of faculty members with Asian specializations.

Students who complete 2 years equivalent of Southeast or South Asian language study abroad or at other institutions may, with the support of an Asian Studies faculty advisor, construct a special major in Southeast and/or South Asian Studies.

For further information about specific degrees related to Asia at the University of Oregon, please contact one of the following departments:

East Asian Languages and Literatures
Department of International Studies
Charles H. Lundquist College of Business – Click on Certificates to learn about Certificate in Global Management