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The University of Oregon’s Asian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary instructional component of the College of Arts and Sciences. The program emphasizes study in Asian languages, history, society and culture, art and literature, politics and economics. Established in 1942, the Asian Studies Program is one of the oldest interdisciplinary programs in the United States to focus on Asia.

The Asian Studies Program is administered by the Asian Studies Faculty Committee, composed of faculty members with Asian specializations in over a dozen discipline areas. Degree programs offered include B.A. and M.A. programs that emphasize East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea), South Asia (particularly India and Pakistan) and, to a more limited extent, Southeast Asia (particularly Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam). The program is supported by a strong faculty and on-going research activities.

Asian Studies students are required to complete two years of language training in addition to a rigorous program of classes covering several disciplines and national traditions. Chinese and Japanese are taught through the fifth year and Korean through the fourth year through the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL). Language acquisition and instruction are facilitated by the extensive collection of audio, video, and computer software media available to faculty members and students at the university’s Yamada Language Center.

Asian Studies students are eligible to participate in any of the exchange or study-abroad programs that the University of Oregon arranges with universities in Asia, through the university’s Office of International Affairs. Programs are available throughout Asia.




Advising Ceremony Tablecropped

Alisa Freedman – Excellence Award

Asian Studies/EALL Professor Alisa Freedman (standing, in striped dress) has been awarded one of the two 2016 University of Oregon Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Awards by the Division of Undergraduate Studies and the All-Campus Advising Association (ACAA).

The awards committee received close to 200 nominations and 51 applications from 30 different departments for review, making this award a significant recognition for Professor Freedman as a teacher, advisor, and mentor for our students.


Asian Studies/EALL 2016 Commencement


On Monday, June 13, Asian Studies and East Asian Languages and Literatures held their combined commencement. Professor Tuong Vu welcomed students, faculty and families to the annual event. Feng Cheng and Roland Oliwier Lewinski are Asian Studies’ M.A. graduates this year.

B.A. graduates are: Hsin-Chia Chang, Siying Cheng, Nicole A. Ewing, David Andrew Hartness, Abigail Lian Minor, Caitlin J. Sherman, Julia Kathleen Sim, Renyuan Yang, and Joy Kim Yoo.

Feng Cheng’s thesis title is: “Constructing a New Asian Masculinity: Reading Lilting against Other Films by Asian