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Asian Studies Graduate Specialization

The Asian Studies 16-credit graduate specialization is open to all UO graduate students: both M.A. and Ph.D. This specialization enhances student education and future marketability in careers with NGOs, international organizations, the media, government service, education or in academia.

Specialization Overview

Students network and develop research with key faculty, resulting in mastery of:

  • Analyzing and critiquing primary and secondary sources related to Asia
  • Developing multiple disciplinary perspectives, sources, methods and modes of analyses used in the study of Asia.
  • Identifying major themes in Asian history, particularly historical continuities and critical junctures
  • Advanced understanding of Asia’s physical and political geography
  • Studying major topical issues relevant to modern Asia, which may include economic development, tropical diseases, environmental change, globalization
  • Developing skills to critically analyze modern debates about Asia.

Apply for the Asian Studies Graduate Specialization

1. Please fill out this Graduate School form:
Declaration of Graduate Specialization
2. Meet with Professor Tuong Vu
2. Return the signed form to the Asian Studies Program (Hope Marston, 175 PLC)

Specialization Requirements

  • Core Seminar (4 credits)
    ** ASIA 611 Perspectives on Asian Studies (1 credit)
    Explores the diverse perspectives that define Asian Studies. Samples conflicts, controversies and areas of consensus that characterize the field.
    ** ASIA 612 Theory and Methodology in Asian Studies (3 credits)
    Selected Asian Studies issues. Repeatable once when topic changes for a maximum of 6 credits.
  • Breadth Requirements (12 credits)
    ** Three 4-credit courses (must engage in more than one academic discipline and more than 1 Asian country)
    ** One course must be outside the student’s focal academic division (Humanities/Social Science)
    ** No more than 2 of the 3 courses may be substantially focused on the same Asian country

Total: 5 courses, 16 credits

Asian Studies Faculty Affiliates

Asian Studies Courses
Click here for current term courses

ANTH 4/510       Pacific Island Studies (Ayres)

ANTH 4/540       Southeast Asian Archeology (Ayres)

ANTH 610           East Asia Pacific Archeology (Lee)

Art History
ARH 4/510          Japanese Architecture (Oh)

ARH 4/510          Nirvana (Walley, A.)

ARH 4/510          Eccentrics Japan Art (Walley, A.)

ARH 4/510          Global Japan (Walley)

ARH 4/510          Modern Asia Photography Global (Lin)

ARH 4/510          Visualizing Japanese Culture (Oh)

ARH 4/588          Japanese Prints (Walley, A.)

Asian Studies
ASIA 4/510         Culture/Religion/Media S Asia (Loan)

ASIA 4/525         Asian Foodways (Buck)

ASIA 4/588         Chinese Economy: Transition, Development, Globalization

CHN 4/507          Environment & Nature in Early Chinese Literature (Habberstad)

CHN 4/507          Seminar Modern Chinese Literature (Chan)

CHN 4/507          Seminar Novels (Epstein)

CHN 4/510          Chinese Socialist Texts (Chan)

CHN 4/523          Issues Early Chinese Literature (Habberstad)

CHN 4/524          Issues Medieval Chinese Literature (Wang)

CHN 4/525          Issues Modern Chinese Literature (Groppe)

CHN 4/536          Literary Chinese (Wang)
CHN 4/537          Literary Chinese (Chen, Zikpi)
CHN 4/538          Top Literary Chinese Poetry/Politics (Wang)

CHN 4/538          Top Poetry & Civil Services (Wang)
CHN 4/539          Chinese Academic Writing (Chen)

CHN 4/545          Top Cultural Geography (Chen)
CHN 4/545          Top Religion & Culture (Chen)
CHN 4/545          Top Wellness (Chen)

CHN 4/545          Top Political Science (Chen)

CHN 4/545          Top Chinese History (Chen)

CHN 4/545          Top Business (Chen)

CHN 4/552          Chinese Film and Theory (Groppe)

CHN 4/580          Chinese Linguistics (Jing-Schmidt)
CHN 4/582          History of Chinese Language (Jing-Schmidt)
CHN 607              Seminar Mind and Spirit (Chan)

CHN 607              Seminar Lu Xun (Chan)

CHN 607              Seminar China & Global Society (Chan)

CHN 607              Seminar Late Qing Fiction (Chan)

CHN 607              Seminar Culture of Qing (Epstein)

CHN 607              Seminar Sinophone Critique (Groppe)

CHN 607              Seminar Song Dynasty Poetry (Wang)

CHN 607              Seminar Chinese Literary Thought (Wang)

CHN 607              Seminar Chinese Textuality (Zikpi)

CHN 607              Seminar Digital Sinology (Zikpi)

Comparative Literature
COLT 4/510        Tokyo Cyberpunk (Brown, S.)

COLT 4/510        Asian Horror (Brown, S.)

COLT 462/562 Orientalism (Allan)

East Asian Languages and Literatures
EALL 4/507         Seminar on Politeness & Phonetics (Idemaru)

EALL 4/507         Seminar Figurative Language (Jing-Schmidt)

EALL 4/507         Seminar Sociophonetics (Idemaru)

EALL 4/510         Language Teaching Methods (tba)

EALL 4/510         Wanderers, Exiles (Webb)

EALL 4/510         Asian Cultural Studies (Kim)

EALL 4/510         Visions of Empire (Kim)

EALL 4/510         Transnational Film Authors (Kim)
EALL 4/540         Japanese & Korean Grammar (Idemaru)

EALL 4/541         Japanese and Korean Syntax (Brown, L.)

EALL 4/586         East Asian Sociopragmatics (Brown)

EALL 607             Pro-Seminar (Epstein)

EALL 607             Seminar 2nd Language Phonetics (Idemaru)

ENG 4/596          Top Gender & Global Cinema (Gopal)


GEOG 4/575       Top: China (Buck, Su)

HIST 4/507          Seminar Business in Asia (Valiani, A.)

HIST 4/507          Seminar Late Imperial China (Asim)

HIST 4/507          Seminar Japanese Urban Life (Hanes)

HIST 4/507          Seminar Sengoku Era Japan (Goble)

HIST 4/507          Seminar Cities of South Asia (Valiani)

HIST 4/508          Colonial Shanghai (Goodman)

HIST 4/510          Modern Asia War & Society (Hasegawa)

HIST 4/510          Muslim Conquests (Anthony)

HIST 4/515          Top Asia/Globalization (Belogurova)

HIST 4/587          Top Ming & Qing China (Asim)
HIST 4/587          Top Late Imperial China (Hasegawa)

HIST 4/587          Top Song & Yuan Dynasties (Asim)

HIST 4/587          Top China After 1949 (Belogurova)

HIST 4/590          Top Shogun’s Japan (Hanes)

HIST 4/591          Medicine & Society in Premodern Japan (Goble)

HIST 4/597          Modernity and Gender in China (Goodman)

HIST 4/597          Top East Asia Religion/Revolution (Schroeder)

HIST 4/598          Top Medieval Japan (Goble)


HU 4/510            Food in Chinese Culture (Asim)

International Studies

INTL 4/542          South Asia: Development & Social Change (Weiss)

INTL 4/544          Development/Social Change Southeast Asia (Carpenter)

JPN 4/507           Seminar Buddhism in Literature (Harrison)
JPN 4/507           Seminar Anime & Philosophy (Harrison)
JPN 4/507           Seminar Auteur Cinema (Arnold)

JPN 4/507           Seminar Haiku/Haikai (Walley, G.)

JPN 4/507           Seminar Vampires in Anime (Harrison)

JPN 4/507           Seminar Japanese Genre Film (Harrison)

JPN 4/507           Seminar Radical Japanese Cinema (Arnold)

JPN 4/507           Seminar Pre-Modern Japanese Literature (Harrison)

JPN 4/507           Seminar Japan and Gender

JPN 4/510           Classical Japanese Literary Language (Harrison)
JPN 4/510           Culture of Play (Walley, G.)
JPN 4/510           Contemporary Literature Akazome Akiko (Walley, G)
JPN 4/510           Radical Cinema (Arnold)
JPN 4/510           Pedagogical Grammar (Idemaru)
JPN 4/510           Digital Age Stories (Freedman)

JPN 4/510           Translation and Japanese Literature (Walley, G.)

JPN 4/510           Chikamatsu Monzaemon (Walley, T.)

JPN 4/510           Akira Kurosawa Films (Miyao)

JPN 4/510           New Approaches to Shinto (Webb)

JPN 4/510           Japanese Cinema Studies (Miyao)

JPN 4/510           Tale of Genji (tba)

JPN 4/510           Great Writers: Bakin (Walley, G.)

JPN 4/525           Top Contemporary Japanese Literature (Freedman)
JPN 4/534           Advanced Readings in Japanese Literature (Idemaru)

JPN 4/535           Advanced Readings in Japanese Literature (Ikei)
JPN 4/536           Advanced Readings in Japanese Literature (O’Brien, Harrison)

JPN 4/537           Classic Japanese Literary Language (Webb)

JPN 4/555           Japanese Business, Culture & Language (Nakadate)

JPN 4/571           Japanese Cinema (Arnold)
JPN 4/590           Translation Japan Lit (Walley, G.)
JPN 607               Sem Disaster Japan (DiNitto)

JPN 607               Seminar Modern Japan (Freedman)

JPN 610               Top Contemporary Japan (Freedman)

KRN 4/510          Violence in Korean Film (Kim)

Landscape Architecture
LA 4/533             Japanese Gardens (Lovinger)

MUS 4/554         Music of India

MUS 4/590         Balinese Gamelan (Kyr, R.)

Political Science
PS 4/560             Political Economy of East Asia (Vu, King)

Religious Studies

REL 4/507           Seminar East Asia Death/Afterlife (Habberstad)
REL 4/507           Seminar Buddhism and Psychotherapy (Unno)

REL 4/510           Body/Medicine in Chinese Religion (Habberstad)

REL 4/532           Islamic Mysticism: Topic (Colby)

REL 4/540           Reading Buddhist Scripture (Unno)

REL 4/544           Medieval Japanese Buddhism (Unno)